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Why Hastings College?
reimagined rethought redesigned the college experience.

What students say:

The world has changed — and so have we.

We’ve reimagined everything with you and the future in mind, and aligned what we do with advice from CEOs, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and others who advise, hire and work with students and graduates.

Your experience matters — it’s one of the best things about being intentionally small. Small class sizes. A student-faculty ratio of 13:1. Focusing on your experience? It’s who we are.

Scroll down. Get a sense of where we’re coming from.

A four-year plan.

“What do you do with four years of college?”

We recognize it’s not always easy to choose a college. Or decide what to major in. That’s why we developed a plan to help you discover your own path, grow your strengths and be ready for wherever life takes you.

Your First Year

This is where it starts, where first-year programming encourages you to explore all Hastings has to offer, build on what motivates you, connect to a support team and figure out life as a college student!

Four year plan 23 ONEa

You deserve to experience college at its best.

During your first weeks on campus, you’ll complete a TruMotivate assessment. 

Trumotivate iconIt uses your stories of achievement and success, and more than half a century of behavioral data and research, to reveal what motivates you and drives you to perform your best. It helps you:

  • Take charge of your education and academic journey.
  • Take advantage of everything  campus has to offer.
  • Take ownership of your value, engagements and actions.
  • Take control of your career path and future.

Everything a college should be.

During your first semester you’ll discover all the ins and outs of college life during STUS 100, a course packed with practical know-how, opportunities to grow as a person and activities designed to build a common experience.

It’s just the start of your first year of incredible learning opportunities at a place that’s reimagined everything college should be.

Propelling you into the world.

Our four-year plan sends you out into the world in the most successful position possible.

You’ll become something you never thought possible. 

Read more about our Four Year Plan.

We’re preparing future leaders.

And we’re preparing you for life after Hastings College.

Join us.

Hastings College students gathered around a fire pit.

Take {just} two.

What if you only took two classes at a time? Could you focus more intently on each class? Could you dive in, absorb information and have a better learning experience?

Yes, absolutely!

Block schedule.

BlockSchedule Mar24

Five years ago we divided our semesters into blocks — so students take fewer classes at a time. It’s changed campus. And it’s good.

Professors say students are more engaged in class — and more engaged students do better! Since you meet every day in our schedule, you’re continuously learning, discussing and mastering new things.

But there’s more.

More time for you.

Class periods allow more time to work on team building and collaborative projects — and to build a mentoring relationship with your professor — it’s one of the great things about Hastings.

Plus, students say our block schedule reduces stress and that they’re more connected to what they’re learning.

It’s all about creating a better learning experience. And that’s a win.

This is the place for you!

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Hastings College women's basketball team cheering in a circle.

Hastings College: A campus of performers.

Most students come to Hastings wanting to be part of a group or team, whether that’s in athletics, the arts or other activities. It’s the best (go Broncos!) for a lot of reasons.

But here’s two:

Scholarships (view)

Finding “your people�

Plus one scholarship graphic.

Plus one…what?

You’ll get a scholarship for doing something you already love because we love to recognize you for your talent and potential. We call these “plus one” scholarships because we add them to your academic scholarship (shown here).

AcademicScholarship WhyHC 23

That’s right, whether you’re part of an athletic team, playing in the band or involved in media, we’ll give you a scholarship to help pay for school.

Our academic scholarships are automatically awarded when you apply to Hastings — it couldn’t be easier!

Cheering for you.

Besides helping pay for school, joining a team or group helps you find your people.

This is group you’ll hang out with. Go to events with. Get in a snowball fight with. Stay up all night with. 

They’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and support team — it’s what makes college so great.

Your time to shine.

We love to see students performing at their best — your experience matters!

In the classroom and in whatever area you’re involved in.

The bottom line?

Hastings is where you belong.

Click a button below to schedule a visit, apply or ask for more information. 

Our faculty are the best. Here’s some words of wisdom from those who want you to succeed here.

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